Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – Vinyl reissue

Twin Peaks - Strange Dark Things

The original soundtrack of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the cinematic follow up to his cult tv series, will be re-released on vinyl this January to mark the movie’s 25th anniversary. 

On it’s release in 1992, the movie polarised fans of the original series and critical reception was lukewarm. It’s therefore safe to say that opinion on it’s soundtrack proves far less divisive. It’s a sublime and unsettling body of work.

Courtesy of Death Waltz Records
                 Courtesy of Death Waltz Records

Lynch plays a large part in the production of his soundtracks and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me was no exception. Working alongside  long time collaborator Angelo Badalamenti – whose credits also include The Beach, Mulholland Drive, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – the pair create musical compositions that are languid, haunting, and surreal. The twelve tracks are a mix of smoky jazz, 50’s pop, and dark synthy noir. They feature vocals from Julee Cruise – who appears in the series and film – and jazz singer Jimmy Scott who both provide eerie vocals to Lynch’s dark lyrics. 

This reissue is released on Death Waltz Records who have re-mastered and released works for directors such as John Carpenter (creator of any number of seminal horror movies) and composers like Johan Söderqvist (Let the Right One In) and Fabio Frizzi (City of the Living Dead, Zombi 2). It’s a match made in heaven (or better ‘hell’).

Courtesy of Death Waltz Records
                 Courtesy of Death Waltz Records

The remastered 2xLP (pressed on 180-gram “cherry pie” vinyl) features artwork by Sam Smith that was approved by Lynch, as well as packaging by Mondo creative director Jay Shaw.  Film critic Mark Kermode penned the new liner notes. It’s a thing of beauty. 

The standout track for me is Moving Through Time. It twists and turns for close on 7 minutes as if it were smoke from a cigar, weaving it’s way upwards, effortlessly drifting between the lineality of logic in some seedy dark place just below the surface of our own dimension.  Grady Tate’s brushed drums and the piano of Badalamenti give the piece it’s tension and ethereal quality. Truly haunting and magnificent.


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