Trump’s late night ‘covfefe’ lights up the Web


A tweet posted by US President Donald Trump just after midnight in Washington D.C is close to breaking the internet this morning.

The garbled tweet has been active on Trump’s account without comment or clarification for 5 hours at the time of writing. It appears that Trump had begun composing a tweet criticising the media before bizarrely posting it, incomplete and with an obvious spelling error, to his 31 million followers. It has been retweeted 114,000 times and received more than 144,000 favourites, and climbing.

The Tweet was finally deleted. Here is a screenshot of the original post.

Many were confused that the tweet wasn’t deleted immediately with some speculating a more sinister reason for its abrupt ending and it’s apparent misspelling of the word ‘coverage’.

The gags and punchlines did not take long to follow with an explosion of memes hitting social media and the hash tag #covfefe  trending worldwide.

As social media users in the U.S. finally decided get some sleep, others around the world were just waking up to this strange 7 letter arrangement which may well become ‘the word’ of 2017.

It is with no little irony that just two days ago Trump slammed ‘Fake News Media’ for ‘disparaging and demeaning’ his social media use in their attempt to stop America hearing the ‘real story’. It would appear that America has it’s ‘real story’ today – covfefe.

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