The first day of spring, St. Brigid’s Day, Imbolc, and hocus pocus


Today is the first day of spring and this year, like some strange changeling manchild, I could sense (!) the coming of the bloomin’ season. The other day, at around 4:30 in the afternoon, I heard bird song through the open window in a way that made me stop reading. I don’t know why, it was strange, but I knew by the singing’s pitch, the light, the smell of the air, in that one instant – springtime was here…. or maybe I was touched by an angel.

Irish president Michael ‘D’ Higgins aka ‘Michael D’

Mick D in the place to be

So Irish President Michael D Higgins, or ‘Michael D’ as he’s better known, is in London today to celebrate Lá Fhéile Bríde, St. Brigid’s day, at the Irish Embassy in London. The event looks to celebrate the creativity of Irish women in such diverse fields as music, film, comedy, architecture, poetry, literature, fashion, art, theatre, craft, business and entrepreneurship, science and technology – excellent – didn’t get an invite but if in a tiny, microscopic way this event might help accelerate the taking over of this dying planet by women then I forgive the embassy its oversight.

I could go on and on and on and on but…

Although I believe that all religion is absolute hocus pocus nonsense, an anachronism from medieval times, used by craven, power hungry people to oppress and abuse…..

….I’ve always liked St. Brigid’s cross with it’s simple celtic design and pagan origins. The crosses are traditionally made in Ireland on February 1, which was pagan festival, Imbolc, in times of yore celebrating the arrival of spring.


A few flies on Bridgy’s cross

I have vague memories of making these crosses in primary school and really enjoying it – proudly bringing it home to my mother. I remember them lying around the house in the summer months with flies landing on them. Traditionally, they were set over doorways and windows to protect the home from evil, fire, the devil (with cloven foot, may or may not want to come in and play cards), robbers, the paedophile priest, tinkers, a stray bullock, jack o lantern, banshees, corner boys etc.

Pagan myth, fantasy and hocus pocus

“The Goddess Brigid was one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Her feast day was the feast of Imbolc, and the cross, made of rushes, is the descendant of a pagan symbol. Pagan beliefs, christianity, islam, judaism, voodoo…..all fantasy, myth, archaic mumbo jumbo to keep the masses in tow….I enjoyed making the crosses though.

All the original clips can be found here:

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